about the joshua tree boulder house

The Joshua Tree Boulder House proves imagination is still alive and well. Every inch of this 1700 sqft home is intention, and every design element is deliberate. This magical creation sites on 2.5 acres in Joshua Tree, California.

Painstakingly built formations of faux boulders rise from the desert floor to create a seductive hideaway where sleek simplicity meets the rugged landscape.

An intriguing palette of metal, wood, concrete and glass create a peaceful modern living space where the thought of traditional boundaries is dismissed.

Professional landscaped with drought reistant trees and desert plants, this magical home is designed with a masterful artist's eye and a true appreciation of the nature the nature that surrounds it.

ThisĀ  one-of-a-kind home sets the stage for harmony and balance that can be all yours.


about the architect, garett carlson

LandArc's practice encompasses both residential and commercial projects ranging from 100-acre sites to small gardens, estates to modern homes, and luxurious hotels to affordable housing developments. Garett's work cannot be categorized in conventional terms of style. He is equally skilled at modernist, Asian and traditional designs. He is particularly esteemed for his ability to add dramatic and measurable value to any property he designs. Garett Carlson has been creating beautiful architectual environments for more than 35 years. He is widely respected as a landscape architect who brings a special vision to site planning and a distinct aesthetic sensitivity to the design of outdoor space. Garett's landscapes are recognizable for their sheer magic. Garett's firm, LandArc, takes an old-fashioned, highly personal and hands on approach to each project. Clients often describe finished landscapes as having been there forever without the look of being "designed".

Garett received his degree in landscape architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and later did his graduate work in architecture at UCLA. He gained practical experience under the tutelage of the great landscape architect Dudley Trudgett from whom he adopted the philosophy that landscape architecture begins with the ability to unlock the potential of the site.